Why Jessica

I love to buy cars! How does that apply to my real estate career?  

I actually enjoy the challenge of negotiating with car dealers, yes I am competitive, and like to win, especially when it come to real estate, so imagine what I can do for you negotiating the best price of your home, or getting you the best deal when purchasing.

What makes me stand out from any other realtor, I’m born and raised in Arizona, I know the market and have seen it grow, so my experience, relationships, networking and knowledge of the city will make purchasing, or selling your home, a positive and exciting journey.  If you are a seller you have to check out my lighted signs that everyone can see, day or night.

As an ASU graduate I’m a huge proponent of always learning and improving.  I’m highly trained in leadership and communication through numerous resources, and one of a small percentage of realtors who subscribe to the Cromford Report.  I use this report to help clients make educated knowledgeable decisions based on analytical information not found anywhere else.